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Mandela Class


Welcome to Mandela Class' page. I am Mr Boulton and I have the pleasure of teaching Year 3 this year.


 In Mandela Class, we are also going to read a range of stories which will inspire our writing and cover a range of topics in maths.   

 PE is on Monday and Fridays, please ensure your child's PE kit is in school at all times.

Homework is given out on Friday  and is due on Wednesday and will include a maths task,  literacy task and times tables. If you have any questions about the homework, please ask me before the due date.

Spellings are given out every Friday and are tested on the following Friday. Make sure you practise them every day! 

 This year, Year 3 will be given a times tables book. Each week we will have a focus times table that we will be practicing. Our target multiplication tables are  x3, x4 and x 8 times tables in addition to the ones learnt in KS1.  Practise at home every night and have an adult sign your times tables book. Times tables will be tested on Fridays. 

Read at home every day and have an adult sign your reading record every day.

Please ensure that you have your spelling record, reading record and times tables book with you every day in school.

I'm available for a chat in the morning and afternoons. Please see me for a chat or if you have any questions or concerns. You can also call the office to speak to me or to set up a meeting.



Year 3 Autumn 1

In Literacy we will be writing fantasy stories based on Arthur Ransome's novel, Swallows and Amazons. Our talk for writing unit will give the children an introduction to Non-fiction writing, based on rivers, before we break up for half term.


In Numeracy we will be focussing on place value of numbers, and using the four operations with a focus on reasoning and problem solving.


 In RE we will be learning about 'Our Home Life'. We will consider how lucky we are to be a part of God's family.

 Our Class Topic is: Flow

In History we will be learning all about the history of the docks and will be thinking about how rivers have shaped landscapes over time. 


In Geography we will be focusing on rivers, the water cycle and different rivers from around the world.


In Science we will be learning about light! We will be carrying out experiments to find out how light travels, and we will be considering what makes light.


In Art we will be using watercolours to focus on painting rivers and water. We will use Claude Monet as our inspiration.


We are going to be doing our first PSHE unit this term. We are focussing on character education and the importance of friends.


In PE we will be doing team sports. We will be doing football during Autumn 1. 


Our class diary

Thames trip

On Thursday 23rd September, Year 3 were lucky enough to go on a trip to the Thames as part of our topic. 'Flow'. 

We were able to assess what humans use the Thames for these days. Some eagle-eyed children were able to spot over 5 things, including for recreation, transport and keeping us safe with police boats. 


We then considered some physical geographical features of the rivers, including meanders, the source and mouth of the Thames, and whether or not we could spot any tributaries. 


We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we were able to use our improving knowledge to draw sensible conclusions.



Making waterwheels

This half term, as part of our topic 'Flow', we have been considering how our energy use affects the environment.


We have learned all about hydropower, and we have considered its uses in the real world.

We designed our waterwheels and have started to make our structures for them.









We have made our structures using glue guns!


We are now going to be using our structures to make our finished waterwheels.


Stay tuned for more updates!



Today, we finished our structures for our waterwheels!

We are all very excited to complete them next week. 


 Check back for more updates!