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Hello, and welcome to  Anne Frank Class’ page!

I am Miss Murphy and I am the Year 4 teacher. I look forward to working with you and your children this year! Please do look through our diary at all the exciting things we are getting up to this year!


Homework is given out every Friday and is to be submitted by Wednesday. Please do let me know in advance of Wednesday if you have encountered any problems so that we can work together to solve them. Reading every night is one of the most important parts of improving a child's performance in school, I look forward to hearing about all the amazing stories Year 4 will read and enjoy. 

We have two tests a week. New spellings will be given out each Friday after the previous weeks have been tested that morning. In Year 4 we also have an online times tables test every Friday morning, I will assign one times tables every week and it is important it is practiced every night.

If you want to know about the topics we will be covering in the curriculum this year, you can find them on the term page. 

PE Kits

PE is on a Monday and a Wednesday, please ensure that your child's kit is in school throughout the week so that we can take advantage of guest teachers, good weather, and other opportunities for sport and fitness that will occur throughout the term. 



Traders and Raiders Gallery 











Curriculum Information 


Year 4 Spring

In Literacy we will be studying instructional writing! Year 4 will continue to read Harry Potter and use the text as inspiration foe their own spellbinding potions. 


In Numeracy we will be covering the National Curriculum and focusing on mathematical reasoning and multiple step problem-solving.  


 In RE we will be learning about the Eucharist and preparing for Easter. 


 Our Class Topic is: I am Warrior! 

In History we will be learning about Roman invasion of Britain and the legacy they left behind long after they left. 

 In Science we will learn all about plants and working scientifically to discover the optimal conditions for plant growth. In addition we will be learning about the many plants the Romans introduced to Britain. 

 In Art Year 4 will be studying the mosaic artist Ed Chapman and recreating his work.

  In PE we will be learning about invasion games.  

In addition there will be French lessons taking place on Friday



Class Diary

States of Matter Science Show

Year 4 worked incredibly hard throughout the Spring 1 term, particularly in Science where we learnt all about the states of matter - solids, liquids and gases. To put our theory into practice we invited a special guest to St Josephs, a secret science agent named James Boffin. He wowed us all with chemical reactions, exploding balloons, shooting rockets and a dry ice volcano! 


Middle Ages A&E
In History we will be learning all about the history of medicine and we were all transported back to the Middle Ages on Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, many of the Year 4 pupils took unwell and we had to take a visit to the local accident and Emergency Department in the village barbershop where we were treated by a group of questionable physicians!They took time to examine us - they even drank our (fake) urine to diagnose us!!! Our headaches, toothaches and muscle pains were treated with leeches, disgusting potions, bloodletting and some painful procedures with no anesthetic!

Advent Assembly 

Year 4 performed their Advent Assembly for the school and family members on Thursday 28th November. We spoke and sang about  the meaning of Advent and the importance of preparing and waiting for the birth of Jesus. We talked about how we can prepare individually for the coming of Jesus – through prayer, reflection and our actions. Thank you to all of our friends and families who came to watch us!



Sealife Aquarium

This term we are studying our Blue Abyss topic and on Thursday 7th November we visited Sealife to learn about the creatures that dwell in our oceans. We classified various sea creatures, from jellyfish to turtles to penguins and studied the coral exhibition closely. It was a great day of interactive and hands on learning and prepared us for this term!



Football Tournament 

On Thursday 31st October we were invited to compete in a football tournament against other Year 4 classes from the area. As part of our ongoing commitment to being part of the healthy schools programme, this was an excellent opportunity for physical exercise, teamwork and inspiring the children to live a healthier life.

Although we did not take home the cup, after a very close match during the semi-finals, we were named the most passionate and resilient school, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our day! 






Ceilidh Workshop 

On Monday 7th October, Year 4 were lucky to have an afternoon of traditional ceilidh dancing and music. This in-school workshop was in preparation for a Grand Ceilidh where year 4 classes across Rotherhithe will come together on  the afternoon of Friday 8th November at Dock 10 (Old Decathlon building).

 Ceilidh Workshop           Ceilidh Workshop


We rehearsed three set dances and were taught about the rich local history surrounding  these songs and dance. 


  Ceilidh Workshop