St Joseph's Rotherhithe


Anne Frank Class




Hello, and welcome to Anne Frank’s class page. I am Miss Murphy and I am delighted to be teaching Year 4 this year!

PE will be on Wednesday and Friday, please ensure your child’s PE kit is in school at all times. 

Homeworkwill be given out on a Friday and collected in school on a Wednesday. This will include a literacy task, a maths task and times tables. Spellings will be given out every Friday and tested the following Friday, it is important to practise them every day! Please let me know if you encounter any problems with homework before Wednesday so that we can work through them together.


Reading is an important skill used across all subject areas. Please read each night and have an adult sign your reading record each night.


Please ensure that you have your spelling record, reading record and times tables book with you every day in school.




Our topic for this half term is The Blue Abyss where we will be exploring the underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures.

In Science we will learn how to classify living things, focusing on sea creatures and corals. We will look at food chains and webs as well as what can happen of a link in the chain goes missing. In Geography, using globes and maps we will identify the oceans of the world and the threats that exist to underwater habitats, particularly the Great Barrier Reef. We will then compare these threats and the impact they have to coastal regions in the UK. In Art children will develop their observational and sketching skills by observing and drawing fish and creatures from the ocean, focusing on detail. In Computing we will be learning about the history of the web and creating web pages to persuade people to visit the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Literacy focus this term is non-fiction. We will be creating non-chronological reports about Fictional sea creatures and then Non-Fiction about the Great Barrier Reef. We will also be creating poetry using The Sea by James Reeves as a basis for writing. 

Our focus in Maths is multiplication and division, as well as an increased focus on reasoning skills and being able to explain the maths we use to solve problems.

In RE we will be learning about the gift of love and friendship, before moving on to our Advent topic. We will be performing an advent assembly also. 

In PSHE we are learning about the importance of respecting others and protecting ourselves. We will link this with our topic by discussing the respect we must show to the environment and living creatures.

In French we will continue our 'in the classroom' topic where we are learning about objects and colours, as well as questions and commands heard in a classroom enviornment. 












In Literacy we will be writing fantasy stories based on Michael Morpurgo’s Beowulf. We will also be studying Viking mythological creatures and creating non-chronological reports.


In Numeracy we will be covering the National Curriculum focusing on place value of numbers and using the four operations. We will be focusing on problem solving and reasoning mathematical problems throughout the term.


In RE we will be learning about family tree’s and the family of God taught to us through Scripture.


Year 4 Autumn 1 Topic: Traders and Raiders

In History we will be learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and their invasion of Britain.


In Geography we will be discovering where the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invaded Britain and identifying these town and cities on maps. We will learn to identify different human and physical geographical features on a map.   


In Art we will be creating our own Anglo-Saxon ‘Rune Stones’. We will be using a range of art techniques including drawing, painting and sculpture.


In Science we will be learning about sound. We will investigate how sound is created and how it travels.


In PE we will be working on a range of games, focusing on improving our passing and defending techniques.


We will also be studying French, ICT and PSHE throughout the term.


Advent Assembly 

Year 4 performed their Advent Assembly for the school and family members on Thursday 28th November. We spoke and sang about  the meaning of Advent and the importance of preparing and waiting for the birth of Jesus. We talked about how we can prepare individually for the coming of Jesus – through prayer, reflection and our actions. Thank you to all of our friends and families who came to watch us!



Sealife Aquarium

This term we are studying our Blue Abyss topic and on Thursday 7th November we visited Sealife to learn about the creatures that dwell in our oceans. We classified various sea creatures, from jellyfish to turtles to penguins and studied the coral exhibition closely. It was a great day of interactive and hands on learning and prepared us for this term!



Football Tournament 

On Thursday 31st October we were invited to compete in a football tournament against other Year 4 classes from the area. As part of our ongoing commitment to being part of the healthy schools programme, this was an excellent opportunity for physical exercise, teamwork and inspiring the children to live a healthier life.

Although we did not take home the cup, after a very close match during the semi-finals, we were named the most passionate and resilient school, and we all thoroughly enjoyed our day! 






Ceilidh Workshop 

On Monday 7th October, Year 4 were lucky to have an afternoon of traditional ceilidh dancing and music. This in-school workshop was in preparation for a Grand Ceilidh where year 4 classes across Rotherhithe will come together on  the afternoon of Friday 8th November at Dock 10 (Old Decathlon building).

 Ceilidh Workshop           Ceilidh Workshop


We rehearsed three set dances and were taught about the rich local history surrounding  these songs and dance. 


  Ceilidh Workshop