St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Bernadette Class



Hello, my name is Miss Knight and I am the Reception class teacher. Our class name is Bernadette. In Reception we work as a team, this team is made up of myself, Phoebe, Michelle and Wahida. We are looking forward to getting to know your child and working with them during our very exciting and productive year ahead!

In Bernadette class we learn lots of exciting things and our day to day activities are planned around the 7 areas of Learning and Development.

We provide activities that will support your child to learn and develop through following the 3 prime areas. These are deemed most essential for healthy development and future learning:

  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Personal, social and emotional development

As children grow, these 3 prime areas will help them to develop skills in the following 4 specific areas:

  1. Literacy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Understanding the world
  4. Expressive arts & design

In Reception, children have the opportunity to experience and investigate a range of materials and equipment both indoors and outside. Each child is encouraged to be independent and self-motivated in a safe and caring environment, which encourages each pupil to explore and be able to have confidence in their own judgements and ideas. We aim to promote learning as an enjoyable and challenging experience which children will continue to pursue for the rest of their lives.


For help in supporting your child in maths please click on the EYFS Curriculum Page There are lots of tips and activities to help you support your child.


For help in supporting your child in reading and writing please click on the Phonics page. Ruth Miskin also has lots of support on the Oxford Owl Read Write Inc website. 

Read Write Inc Phonics Website

Autumn 1

In our Read Write Inc Phonics lessons this term we will be learning to use our Set 1 sounds to read and write simple words. Set 1 sounds; m, a, s, d, t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f, e, l, h, sh, r, j, v, y, w, th, z, ch, qu, x, ng, nk

In Maths we will be learning all about numbers and patterns. We will focus on numbers upto 10, learning to make sets and match them to their written numeral. To develop our learning in maths we will be using lots of lovely resources to help us manipulate numbers, patterns, measure, and shape and space.

In RE we will learn how God knows and loves each one of us and how Baptism is a welcome into God’s Family.

Our PE lesson is on Thursday, the children will be exploring different ways of moving and using a variety of small and large apparatus.

Additionally this half term we will be exploring the topic of Myself and My Community. This project will support the class with settling into the new rules and routines of school and will encourage them to make new friends and feel confident in their class. We will learn about being helpful, kind and thoughtful at home and at school. We will learn how we are unique and special, the importance of friendship and how people in their family, school and local community are important and can help them. 


Autumn 2

The children have settled really well and we have some really exciting learning to move onto this half term.

This half term our topic will be Marvellous Machines.

We will be exploring lots of different man-made devices.

We will learn that machines need power to work, how sound is created, explore how robots work and how a range of materials are used.

We will learn about different forms of transport and investigate making things move.

To help us learn about different types of machines all around us, we will be going on a school and local area walk and we will see how many we can spot.

Finally we will design and make our own Marvellous Machine!


This will feed into our main story for this half term of Mrs Armitage's Wheels by Quentin Blake.

We will learn a version of the story and then write our own story, linked to our topic of Marvellous Machines.

Additionally this term in our Read Write Inc Phonics lessons we will continue Set 1 sounds focusing on learning to blend and segment.


In Maths we are continuing our learning all about numbers to 10 and patterns. We are learning to recognise and make sets, and matching it to the correct numeral. We will make links with different shapes and learn what makes shapes different. 

To support this learning we will being using visual and physical resources, including beads, counters, natural objects, household objects, Numberblocks, 10 frames, numeral cards, number lines - anything and everything as Maths is everywhere!

Please see above for the Maths Information Sheets for Parents on ways to help your child in maths and the Cbeebies article for parents on supporting your child in maths.


PE is now on Mondays and our focus this half term is target games. We will be learning the skill of how to throw and aim at a target.


In RE we are learning how Baptism is a welcome into God’s Family and we will start to prepare ourselves for Christmas, learning about Advent.

We will also learn about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.