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John Paul Class


Welcome to John Paul Class’ page. I am Miss Ridley and I am thrilled to be teaching year 2 this year! 

Homework is handed out on a Friday and should be back in school the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be given on a Friday and spellings tests take place the following Friday. 

PE will take place on a Monday/Tuesday. 


Our Learning -Autumn 1

This half term the children will be busy becoming STREET DETECTIVES!

In Literacy the children will have the opportunity to write recounts, letters to the local council and descriptions for local estate agents for their new and exciting properties on sale! 

In Mathematics the children will be re-visiting number bonds, learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and sorting problems including money, shape, measures and data handling.

In History the children will be researching the History of the local area and looking at how things have changed and improved over time. 

In Geography the children will be practicing their map making skills, looking at aerial and satellite images and learning to read maps and understand keys.

In DT the children will be learning to design and create models of buildings from around the local area (any donations old modelling resources such as boxes, tubes, yoghurt cartons etc would be greatly appreciated). 

In Computing the children will be learning about algorithms in relation to following directions to move interactive objects along a map.

In Science the children will be testing out different materials to see which makes a stronger structure for a building.

Our learning - Autumn 2

This half term, the children will be learning all about towers, tunnels & turrets! 

In Literacy we will be reading our exciting new story 'the princess and the white bear king'. We will be learning lots of amazing new vocabulary to eventually implement into our own creative stories!

In Maths the children will be learning about time, money, length, data handling & practising their reasoning skills.

In History the children will be learning the story of 'the gunpowder plot!' We will be learning about the tower of London and many other castles! We will be learning about timelines and the different parts of castles and how they helped to protect the people inside!

In Geography we will be learning about famous tunnels and bridges. We will be exploring some of the bridges that we see in our locality and making maps to show the bridges across the River Thames. 

In ART and DT the children will be producing a fantastic piece of artwork to represent bonfire night and the story of the gunpowder plot! We will also be creating 'pop up cards' with various different mechanisms such as sliders and levers. 

In Computing the children will be using their knowledge of algorithms to explore the inside of a computer game. 

In Science the children will be carrying out experiments such as investigating which projectiles cause most damage to a castle wall!

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