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An Overview of St Joseph’s Curriculum

In all subjects we use a range of resources, as well as teachers’ expertise and the interests of the children. Rich learning experiences take place outdoors as well as in the classroom and cross-curricular opportunities are provided as appropriate alongside school trips as a stimulus for learning.

Please follow the links below to download the yearly overviews for each class. In addition on this page there is more detail regarding each subject as well as links to external websites to support your child's learning. 

Nursery and Reception Yearly Overview

Year 1 Yearly Overview

Year 2 Yearly Overview 

Year 3 Yearly Overview

Year 4 Yearly Overview

Year 5 Yearly Overview

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Please follow this link to find an overview of the National Curriculum Objectives year by year which we follow.


We follow the guidance of the Catholic Religious Education Curriculum Directory. We use the framework of the Come and See scheme following the liturgical year. Alongside the RE curriculum we celebrate mass in school and hold Spiritual, reflective assemblies in both KS1 and KS2. Teachers take time each day for collective worship and prayer with their class. More information can be found under the RE Curriculum page here.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, which is based on active, creative, indoor and outdoor learning. Children play in, and explore, the world around them and develop critical thinking skills.


We follow the 2014 Primary National Curriculum for Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing and Spelling.  Guided reading takes place daily across the school; Grammar, handwriting, spelling and story time are also planned. This year, throughout the school we have introduced Talk for Writing whereby each class uses a book as a stimulus for writing. This incorporates Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing across a 5/6 week period.

Key Stage 1 use the Oxford Reading Tree Scheme

Phonics - Letters and sounds from the Primary National Strategy is taught through Jolly Phonics.


We follow the 2014 Primary National Curriculum, using a wide range of resources.


We follow the 2014 Primary National Curriculum and ensure dedicated time is devoted to developing scientific enquiry skills.


The Art curriculum ensures that children have access to a wide range of creative experiences and media. Children have the opportunity to develop skills progressively throughout the school, including appreciation of a range of artists. In KS2 children will learn how to use sketch books to record their observations.



Computing skills are taught in a discrete session each week in the Computer suite. Cross curricular links are planned for to incorporate ICT  in other subjects. Children also make full use of IWBs, a class set of iPads and chromebooks. Children are taught online-safety across all subjects and each have a Google Apps for Education account.

Design Technology

Children learn about all aspects of the design process in this skills-based curriculum, and understand that products and materials have a range of properties and purposes. Food Technology is focused on healthy eating where we prepare and cook healthy food (using food grown in our own allotment where possible). Emphasis is placed on the progression of knowledge and skills.



Teaching equips children with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. The Geography curriculum also places emphasis on the development of pupils' competence in specific geographical skills. We use the Rising Stars Voyagers Scheme.


This provides a chronological framework for children’s developing knowledge of significant events and people and their understanding of how the past shapes the present. We use the Rising Stars Voyagers Scheme.


Music lessons are taught by the class teacher in KS1. For half the year, in KS2 a specialist teacher delivers the music curriculum each week . The curriculum is skills-based, with themed areas of study each term. There are also opportunities for children in year 5 & 6 to participate in the choir after school. Hymn practice takes place in preparation for school masses and carol concerts. We also aim to include lots of singing practise throughout the school, especially for class assemblies and our Christmas Nativity play.


All KS1 and KS2 classes have two lessons each week and topics are taught as blocked units of work. There are also many opportunities for extra curricular PE activities and for specialist teaching. Year 6 have swimming daily after SATs through June and July in preparation for their week’s residential in Arethusa (This trip incorporates many water sports as well as many other outdoor pursuits).

French (MFL)

French is taught in KS1 by class teachers and in KS2 by a native French specialist teacher. These sessions introduce children to French culture and enables them to develop language and writing skills.


PSHE is a skills based curriculum, matched carefully to the needs of our pupils, and linked with many other subjects and the overarching ethos of our school. SRE is taught throughout the school.

PSHE KS1/KS2 curriculum overview 

PSHE extra resources 

If you would like more information regarding any subject or topic please speak to your child's class teacher.


External Website Links:



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