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Writing at St Joseph's

writing intent implementation and impact new .pdf

Whole School Writing Progression of Skills

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Whole School Poetry Progression

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Reading at St Joseph's

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Key Stage 1 and 2 VIPERS Progression of Reading Skills

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year 5 vipers reading skills.pdf

year 6 vipers reading skills.pdf

Nursery Reading Spine

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 Reception Reading Spine

reception reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

 Year 1 Reading Spine

year 1 reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

 Year 2 Reading Spine

year 2 reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

 Year 3 Reading Spine

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 Year 4 Reading Spine

year 4 reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

 Year 5 Reading Spine

year 5 reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

 Year 6 Reading Spine

year 6 reading spine 2022 2023.pdf

Useful links and information

Talk for Writing

Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation 

Early Reading Curriculum intent


Parents Reading Workshop 2023

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Our School Libraries and Librarians 

At St Joseph's, we love to read! Our school libraries are taken care of by our amazing children. The children take pride in organising our libraries and ensuring they are well-stocked with books we can all enjoy together. Our school librarians audit our class libraries, recommend books to their friends and keep up-to-date with new book releases for us to order into our libraries.

Our School Newspaper Club

At St Joseph's, we are passionate about providing opportunities for our children to write for purpose and publish the amazing work they do. Our Newspaper Club publishes an issue of 'The St Joseph's Gazette' every half term.

Autumn 1 2022

Autumn 2 2022

Spring 1 2023

Spring 2 2023

Summer 1 2023

Summer 2 2023

 Autumn 1 2023 

Canada Water Library Visits

This year, all the children will be visiting Canada Water Library with their class teacher to explore new books in an extremely exciting setting. Keep your eyes peeled for photographs on our website!

Library Visit Y5