St Joseph's Rotherhithe


 Our geography curriculum encourages the children to engage with the state of the world and its people. The curriculum’s link to termly topics allows children to utilise and apply the knowledge they gain on people, places, and the environment. It enables children to extend their knowledge and understanding beyond only the United Kingdom on subjects ranging from map skills to climate change. Geography allows children to make use of their numeracy and literacy skills in numerous contexts across the year, but also it invokes a sense of community and responsibility in our children. The students of St Joseph’s are to understand that they are global citizens. Together, they should enjoy and value the different environments and human contexts to geography in other countries, while also passionately celebrating the planet that unites us – as well as the challenges that we face as citizens of the world.

  • Planning sequences are robust and there is a sensible flow of ideas, allowing for children to demonstrate their progression in skills and knowledge as the topic advances.
  • Fieldwork lessons are planned for the children that allow them to express their skills in a different context.
  • Vocabulary teaching is used not only to enhance the children’s understanding, but also to support the expression of their views.
  • Teachers work to engage children, whenever possible, with aspects of our local area’s geography (both physical and human).
  • There are a range of high quality tasks that challenge at every level, and allow children to make use of mathematical skills across the curriculum