St Joseph's Rotherhithe


 The students of St Joseph’s should have a strong understanding of past events and how they have shaped their present world. History provides a range of opportunities to demonstrate our literacy and numeracy skills in a range of contexts, but this is not the sole virtue of the subject. We also believe that high-quality, engaging history lessons encourage critical thinking skills such as weighing evidence, generating arguments, and developing a sense of perspective. We want our students to be passionate about history, making links with their overarching topics to help embed and contextualise their learning. History celebrates cultures and peoples both strange and familiar to us, it contextualises our exciting differences and highlights the vary many things we all have in common – and have had in common for longer than we maybe recognise.

  • Planning sequences are robust and there is a sensible flow of ideas, allowing for children to demonstrate their progression in skills and knowledge as the topic advances.
  • A range of exciting history lessons are planned for the children that allow them to express their skills in a number of contexts (not just non-chron reports).
  • Vocabulary teaching is used not only to enhance the children’s understanding, but also to support the expression of their views.
  • Teachers work to engage children, whenever possible, with aspects of our local area’s history.
  • There are a range of high quality written tasks that challenge at every level, and allow children to question and make comparisons within the historiography they’ve been exposed to.