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At St. Joseph’s our aim is to provide a Maths curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. Following the National Curriculum, our Maths learning is derived through well sequenced and planned lessons that are supported by the Southwark Maths Planning and White Rose Schemes of Work. We also use some resources from the NCETM. We ensure varied and high quality activities that are pitched and matched to each learner’s ability. There is a strong focus on developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Pupils are required to explore maths in depth, using mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain. A wide range of mathematical resources are used and pupils are taught to manipulate concrete resources before pictorially and formally representing their understanding. They are taught to explain their choice of methods and develop their mathematical reasoning skills. It is our aim to ensure that there are many provisions made for mathematics to be applied in ‘real life’ contexts.

Maths Calculation Policy 

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