St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Arethusa 2018

We've arrived!! The coach journey was a breeze and everyone is off to cool down in the swimming pool! 

We will add photos to the gallery throughout the coming days so keep checking!!

Day 1:

Once we arrived at our accommodation we were given the 'Dorm' talk by Abbie. We learnt the rules on bedding and house keeping. Alex our instructor introduced herself and then we went for a cooling swim in the pool.

Lunch after was a tasty hot dog and then time to unpack and unwind. But not for long as we then embarked on a woodland walk and played some hide and seek games in the woods.

After a few games in our 'house' we had dinner - Swedish meatballs. They tasted all the sweeter for the weekend's victory. The day is being finished off in style as I type this on the top field watching Mr Boulton demonstrate his prowess in a game of rounders!


Day 2:

After the first night of our stay, we all got up and went and had a delicious breakfast. Afterwards, we came back and relaxed spending time with our classmates: I have no doubt we all now know something new about each other. We hopped on a minibus and drove to an arethusa watersports center where we - before lunch - did raft-building in our teams ( team chicken and fruit force). Then we raced each other. We had to choose in our teams if we were in a desert island would we need water more or food? Team chicken wanted the food and fruit force the water. After a lot of hard work, fruit force eventually won. We then had a good lunch and played many exhilarating games on the field. We then were divided and we each did kayaking and sailing. We came back and had dinner. Overall,I am sure that we are all thoroughly enjoying our stay and we are all looking forward to watching the England game. We are having fun and there are still great memories to make.

By Adeshola and Raya

Day 3: Capstone Park.

During our adventurous tour we did two exhilarating activities- orienteering and Bush Craft and we even lit a fire! (Don’t worry we did it with a professional!). When we did orienteering, we did roughly a two hour walk and we developed our compass skills, map skills and even our walking skills. When we did Bush Craft we had two helpers, Becky and Reece-who was on work experience-and we learnt how to use many different tools such as a bow saw and a bill hook. During our stay we made badges that we got to decorate and some mallets. Not only that, but we watched football and celebrated the most helpful T.A. Donna’s birthday. We are having a great time and can not wait to see Mrs Preston and Mrs Garofalo this week to do high ropes and rock climbing.  

By Benedicta, Victoria and Raya

Day 4:

Today, Mrs Preston surprised us in the morning and turned up before breakfast! We started our day with swimming where we all swam from the the shallow end to the deep end and we had our free time for 15 minutes. Afterwards, we were with our instructors Alex and George where we did team games such as having to control a hook with 8 ropes and having to get everyone in your group through a hoop in a matter of seconds. Later, additionally, we went to lunch and had a ham and cheese potato with salad - delicious! After our lovely lunch, we were split into our two groups; one group did archery and another group did climbing. The group that did climbing were strapped to a harness and some - Edem, Daniel, Michael, Raya, Adeshola and even me - made it all the way to the top without stopping! In archery, we were taught how to hold the bow and how to aim and shoot; soon after we were focusing on our accuracy where even a few people hit 150 points! Also, each group was split into two and were given names - Omega, Raw Skittles, Sparkle Chicks - and we tried to add up our points. Lastly we had dinner, which was lasagne, and we went to the field to enjoy our last day. Mr Boulton even let us stay out for longer!