St Joseph's Rotherhithe

KS1 Festival of Sport - Winners

The following report was written by Reginald in Year 2:

Our trip to London Sports Academy

It all started when changing in my class.  We all waited at the table in the middle with Donna and Mr. Noonan.  Then we all went and got our water bottles.  After, we got ready to go, but first we said goodbye to everyone.  We walked through Southwark Park and got the P12 to London Sports Academy.  We seemed a bit early.  About 12 minutes early.  We waited a long time until we started. 

Our first game was racing.  We were putting beanbags on cones, and then we were collecting them.  Next we used bats to race.  Suddenly we had to change games.  We played stepping stones and I had to lay the mats down.  Finally we played magpie madness.  We had to steal things from his nest.  We tried it in so many ways.  Then we had a break.  We all had to sit down and they told us the result.  AND WE WON THE TROPHY! 

We took the 381 back to school.  We walked into the school pretending to be sad.  At that moment Mrs. Garofalo came out of the staff room and thought we had lost the games!  Then we started smiling and shouting!  Exactly at that time Miss Fisher came running out of the staff room and jumped up and down!  Monique came out of her classroom. Lots of other teachers came!    

We had a great day!

By: Reginald