St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Kayaking and Sailing


On Tuesday, Year six took part in our second sailing and kayaking course (in the Surrey Docks). We were already used to the water from the week before so were a lot less nervous about it. Our first step was getting the actual kayaking boats onto the water; this was hard work! Once we were in the water, we began to warm up by having some races and a sideways relay race. After that it was down to the serious business of exploring: we rowed around the dock looking at its many areas. When we started running out of time, we paddled back to where we began. Before our session was finished, we needed to return the boats to the boat store. After two hours of kayaking, this seemed a difficult task but eventually we succeeded. To end the session the instructors allowed us to jump into the docks which was a blast for most of us! Year six then changed into our school uniform (and ate some yummy biscuits and fruit) and returned to school, where we enjoyed the rest of the day.

By Alieu



Year six took part in our second sailing session in the Surrey Docks and we wanted to share this experience with you!  The children in the sailing group had a lot of fun. We learnt that when sailing,we needed to have a strong connection with our teammates to: balance the boat; control the sails and to steer. Even though there were times when we felt we were about to capsize, all of us were very positive and worked as a team. At the end of the session, the sailors decided to have a race from one buoy to another and whoever came back first was the winner. However, as there was no wind, it was difficult to steer the boat (the wind is the main power to move the boat in different directions). When stepping out of the boats, most of the children in year six jumped in the water; it was freezing cold but we soon became used to it. After we finished changing, we got to eat delicious biscuits and fruit and we headed off to school. This was the last session of sailing for the group; we are looking forward to our kayaking sessions next week!

By Brandon