St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Parent Courses

Dear Parents/Carers,

The school is currently offering two parent courses. 



"ESOL for Parents" is an 8 week course with an accreditation at the end.

The  English classes are designed for parents to help with everyday life (e.g. doctors, shopping, work, helping your child with homework, talking to teachers;  Reading newsletters, texts, emails and letters and writing texts, emails and letters).

Please click here to download the flyer


Computing for parents

For more information regarding this course please contact the school office. The contents of the course can be found below.

Course Content Summary

ICT Entry Level 2:

  • Interact with ICT for a purpose
  • The Keyboard explained
  • Opening, Creating and Saving a Word Document
  • Homework – Staying Safe Online -Email
  • Follow recommended safe practices
  • Health and Safety surrounding computer use
  • Understand how to create a web-based email account
  • Understand how to create a password to keep information secure
  • Understand how to create and save a Word document with Header and Footer
  • Homework – Computer Health & Safety 
  • Follow recommended safe practices
  • Computer Health & Safety
  • Staying safe Online
  • Create and use a contacts list
  • Use ICT-based communication
  • Understand how to send an email to multiple recipients
  • 10 Computer related terms and definitions – Email
  • Enter and Edit information for a given purpose
  • Bring together two given types of information
  • Identify and correct simple errors
  • Homework – List 5 simple computer errors - Email
  • Use ICT-based sources of information
  • Find specified information from ICT-based sources
  • Bring together two given types of information
  • Understand how to create screenshots
  • Understand Search Engines
  • Homework – Search Engines - Email
  • Bring together two given types of information
  • Understand how to resize an image
  • Understand how to use ClipArt