St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Rugby write up

Below is a report by Jeremiah on the recent Southwark tournament won by the year 5/6 tag rugby team.  The team will go forward to represent Southwark in the London Games next month in Crystal Palace.  They will be up against all the other borough champions across London, so the team are looking forward to testing themselves against more top quality teams.  


The tag rugby tournament was the toughest tournament I have ever been to and I imagine it was the same for everyone else.  We were so excited to get there, and by the time we were there it was massive!  Other schools were there too, and some of them looked very good.

We began with a 5-1 win.  In the second match we won a whopping 8-0!  We were really happy.  The next match came and as soon as we scored a try the other team scored!  By the end of the match it was 2-2, a draw.  We were into the next round (quarter final) so from here on in one false move and we could be out!  We got through our next match but as we got closer to the final things got harder and harder.  Luckily we made it, we were in the final!  This team would be no joke.  If they made it to the final, they obviously must be good.  We scored the first try and then had to defend.  They were a good team.  But we were victorious (3 tries to two) and won the title!  We got our reward for our hard work!