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St Joseph's Spelling Summer Challenge

As part of the National Curriculum there is a statutory list of spellings that are compulsory for children to learn. It is vital to be able to recall them quickly and accurately in order to allow them to achieve expected standard in both the Year 2 and Year 6 Writing Assessments. To support their learning we are pleased to inform you that we are continuing the St Joseph’s Spelling Summer Challenge!

  • Each child from Reception to year 5 will be given the coming year group’s statutory spellings over the holidays. This will prepare them for their next year group.
  • We ask that you encourage them to practice these spellings regularly throughout the holidays so that they become fluent and fast in their recall.
  • In September they will take part in a whole class challenge over a number of weeks to complete a spelling challenge and achieve a high score relevant to the number of spellings they have learnt. Those children in each class who complete the challenge with over 90% accuracy will receive a prize.

The spellings are listed below.

Good luck and have lots of fun with the spelling practise; little and often is key to success.

Warm regards

Mrs Garofalo

Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6