St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Third sailing and kayaking session: all switch


On Tuesday the 18th of June, I went sailing on the Docks for the first time. Our instructors, Ben and Anita, were very helpful and taught us everything which we needed to know about sailing the boats. When we had brought the boats out, Anita taught us how to tie the knot to attach them to the deck. Once we had gotten into the water, we had to successfully sail the boats and win the race between the other groups. In each sailboat there were three people: one to row, one to steer and one to control the mainsail. After roughly half an hour of it, my group finally began to do it correctly and could now control the boat properly. As we were sailing, Ben and Anita went around in a speed boat to create waves for us to test our strengths and weaknesses. When it was nearing the end of our very fun lesson, we were enjoying the time we had left. We attached the sail boats to the speed boat and we had to keep the nose of it in line with the engine. After the lesson was over ( unfortunately), we got out of the water and helped to put back the boats. In my opinion, this was the most difficult part of it all however I much enjoyed the entire experience and I’m sure that everyone else did too. 

By Lydia



We enjoyed kayaking because we got to push ourselves and use our body strength. At first the boat began to fill up with water which gave us all a shock at first, but we soon got used to it after a few minutes. We then stayed in the smaller part of the Docks for around twenty minutes. We played a few games and had races. Soon, we went to the deeper parts of the Docks. At first we stayed near the wall. We also learnt how to go backwards in our kayak. After that we went back to the smaller part and played more games like playing family it. It was a great experience!

By Evie