St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Year 5 Baking!

The children of year five got their aprons on and became bakers on Friday the 23rd. Following their research on how to prepare both themselves and their environment to meet food hygiene standards, the children got to work and baked some bread of their very own! The basic bread mixture allowed them to experiment with different ratios of flour/water/yeast in order to figure out the best conditions to make bread rise. We had loads of fun and can't wait for our other baking adventures!


Today, year five experimented with creating different sweet and savoury rolls. They had a choice at their baking station of four extra ingredients they could work into their very own bread. It was difficult to create a combination that was tasty, but would still allow their bread to rise. There were an exciting range of folds and shapes, and everyone was very happy to see their finished bread!