St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Year 6 Junior Citizenship trip

Year 6 went to the Old Kent Road Firestation (a working one!) on 26th January to learn more about how to keep ourselves safe in different situations. In groups, we worked through 7 different scenarios run by: the fire brigade, the police, TfL , the Blue Cross (a dog charity) and Southwark Council. 

We learnt how to keep safe in a bus (where to stand and where to sit and not to forget to say hello to the driver). In the underground, we know how to ask for help and what to do if we get a shoelace trapped in the escalator. With the police, we learnt how to keep safe on the internet as well as about how to keep ourselves safe, especially once in secondary school. The fire brigade taught us how to react in a fire and the Blue Cross taught us how to approach a dog safely and to always ask the owner first!