'We grow and learn together
in the footsteps of Jesus'

St Joseph's RC Primary School

Life at St Joseph's RC Primary School Life at St Joseph's RC Primary School Life at St Joseph's RC Primary School


Day 1


After an entertaining coach trip, we have now arrived safe and sound at PGL. We settled into our tents and ate some fruit to keep us until lunchtime. Thanks Donna! Unfortunately we had to switch some of our tents to make more space for other schools but in the end we all had our own space to chill out and rest. Because it was only the first day, we stayed in our campsite and relaxed, played several rounds of French cricket and exploring our new surroundings. Now for the awaited highlight of the day: dinner. We headed for the Clock Tower and grabbed some fish fingers and chips with endless refills from the salad bar. We rounded of with a delicious jam doughnut and headed back to the tents to get ready for bedtime. Roughly half of the group decided to have showers in evenings and the rest in the morning. By around nine o’clock, Year 6 were ready to catch some zzz’s and the sun was set. We all zipped up our tents and hit the hay(after several attempts) energising for the next day ahead.


Day 2


After a pretty much sleepless night, due to some over excitement, we were all a teeny bit tired but were able to superpower our energy after breakfast: veggie sausages, hash browns, toast, baked beans and a whole lot from the salad bar. We all split into our three groups and headed to our different activities. At around 11:00 we break for a break and refill our water bottles, use the toilets and swap activities. By lunchtime we are all in need of a serious power top up so we head into the clockwork centre and line up for food. After, we chant some songs all the way to our second activity. The day was a blast and we all went to bed with happy faces.