St Joseph's Rotherhithe



Year 6 Writing Workshop

On Wednesday 12th June, several members of Year 6 class were lucky enough to take part in a writing workshop with Rod from Global Generation at the Paper Garden. Our center focus was creating haiku poems based on different birds you would typically spot around Canada Water. A haiku is a poem with three verses. The first consists of five syllables the second, seven and the third, five. We looked at a variety of haiku poems before writing our own ones. We then read them out to the class and shared our thoughts using a system called a positive sandwich (the two slices of bread being the positive feedback and the filling, something to improve on). Rod then explained to us about the Summer Solstice and the Festival that was taking place in the Paper Garden where we would be able to share our poems.


We were very privileged to have the opportunity for Rod to come out to St Joseph's today  and we hope we are able to take part in many other wonderful workshops in the future.


by Isioma