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Year 6 go sailing and kayaking!



When we came back from the half term, we were treated with the opportunity to experience kayaking and sailing by two experienced trainers at the Surrey Docks watersports centre. Our class was split into two groups. This ensured that we all get a chance to take part in both of the activities. Putting safety first, we were given buoyancy aids. Before we got on the water, we started off by learning the basics: we learnt how to use the paddles. After that, we pushed the boats in the water and sat in them. At first, it was quite weird that there was water in the boat but we soon realised that was nothing to worry about. Once we were used to paddling in the kayak, we went out to the dock and went round the edge of it due to the people in our class who were doing sailing in the middle. It was really fun and our instructor gave us challenges such as paddling backwards. Although we were cold and wet, we all were all delighted to play games in our kayaks. The first game we played was ‘family it’ where you had to catch the other players and when you were caught you would join the catching team. The other game we played was ‘invasion’ where each person had their own country and when you got caught by someone, you would be their country. After our kayaking session had ended, we had to work together to bring the boats back inside. We were cold and shivering but when we got inside, we had a hot shower and changed into our school clothes. Then we got biscuits and a piece of fruit. Thanks Donna! Overall, everyone tried hard, whether they did kayaking or sailing and we all enjoyed it. This year, we are so lucky that our physical education is mostly based on water sports as we also go to swimming twice a week. For more information on the water sports centre and their work, you can visit their website at:


Sailing lessons:

As many of you already know, Year 6 have just begun sailing lessons at the  Surrey Docks Watersports Centre. 13 people in our class were chosen to do sailing and were put into groups of three (with one group of four). It was a test of teamwork skills and luckily, no-one capsized in their first lesson. This was a great opportunity for the children to learn how to sail with professional instructors.