St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Nursery Home Learning

Our project this term at Nursery is: ‘Do Dragons Exist?’ Please find resources within this document to support home learning themed around this fantastic project!

 Again, the most important thing you can do at home to educate your child is what you would instinctively do to support them in the following areas

  • Reading and writing (letter recognition and letter formation)
  • Talking and conversation
  • Counting and number awareness
  • Fine motor skills (using their hands and fingers to write, paint and make things)
  • Gross motor skills (using their whole body in sport, exercise or dancing)
  • Imaginative play via toys, art, music, and drama

As always, feel free to adapt the activities suggested in the packs them to follow your child’s interests.

Additional ideas on the dragons project and in general topic areas can be found on my Pinterest page at

Miss Hope x

 Please download all of the following: