St Joseph's Rotherhithe



Hello, my name is Ms Brown and I teach Patrick Class, together with Saphron and Maria. We are all very excited to welcome you into the Nursery!


In Nursery, there is no difference between work and play. Play is serious business! We encourage children to be independent and create their own projects and ideas. When children play, they are developing these key areas:


Communication and Language

e.g. learning new vocabulary, learning how to explain their wants and needs

Physical Development

e.g. pushing, pulling, twisting, moving, building, creating…

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

e.g. learning how to share, how to manage their own needs, how to work together.


There are also more specific areas that we work on in Nursery. These include:



Understanding the World

Expressive Art & Design


We provide a safe, calm environment for children to develop positive relationships with adults and each other. We understand that every child is unique and try to follow their interests, giving lots of opportunities to explore and develop their ideas.


Please make sure your child is wearing clothing that they can move comfortably in, and that you don’t mind getting dirty. Their shoes need to be appropriate for moving outside. 


Nursery is the first step to building lifelong learners, and we want to partner with you to create the best start to your child’s school life.


If you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to speak with you!


Check below for our newsletters which will be updated each half term.

Autumn 1


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 Autumn 2

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 Spring 1

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 Spring 2

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