St Joseph's Rotherhithe




What are Peacemakers responsible for at St. Joseph’s?

  • Being an ambassador for St .Joseph’s
  • Help to resolve conflict in the playground using their Restorative Justice Training
  • Supporting children to solve disagreements during lunchtimes and playtimes using restorative questioning
  • Peacemakers have good listening skills and are always ready to help

 What is the job of a Peacemaker?

 Playing with a difference 

  • To set an example of good manners
  • To make sure no one feels left out 
  • To support the adults at playtimes
  • To help children play safely
  • To teach younger children new games
  • To encourage children to join in new games and to have fun

Using the Restorative approach 

  • To talk to younger children about things that are worrying them
  • To ensure no one is being bullied 
  • To play with ALL children, especially the lonely ones
  • To support children when conflicts arise or call an adult if necessary 
  • To help children make and keep friends
  • To help children learn how to get along with each other