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P.E.and Sport Premium Funding


What is the P.E. and Sports Premium?

It was introduced in 2013 to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in primary schools across England.  The funding is provided by the Departments for Education, Health, and Culture, Media and Sport.  The funding is allocated directly to primary schools and is ring- fenced.  This means it must only be spent on improving the provision of P.E. and sport in schools.  It is intended to make additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of P.E. for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. 

St. Joseph`s vision

At St. Joseph`s we recognise the contribution of P.E. to the health and well being (both physical and mental) of our children.  We believe that a varied P.E. curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the achievements (academically, personally, socially and physically) of our children.

We aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop and become healthy individuals who have the enthusiasm and skills to participate in sport and activities both in St. Joseph`s and when they leave, thus encouraging healthy habits for life.


Sports Premium April 2018 to April 2019- Received: £17,673 

Our expenditure: £18,590.13


Annual Cost



PE & School Sports Network membership


This is the body the school is affiliated to in order to participate in tournaments and competitions.  LPESSN will provide

·         CPD sessions to staff and provide support

·         All year round competition and festivals timetable

·         Health and wellbeing workshops

·         SEN workshops available

·         Swimming support available if required

Teachers to become more confident in teaching Physical Education through attending CPD insets/staff meetings and also working one on one with a PE specialist


Children to attend a number of competitions and festivals throughout the year to expose them to new sports and experiences competing against other children across the borough


Health and wellbeing workshops (including cooking) run in key stage 2 will promote a healthy lifestyle. This will lead onto working with parents during coffee mornings  to promote this at home as well 

After school dance clubs


After school dance clubs in Years 1-6 (specialist teachers).  This enables many children in the school increase their exercise levels through participation in an after school club with quality instruction

These clubs include children who have not been in a dance club before 

The clubs help the children to develop their confidence and skills during their dance activities as part of the P.E. curriculum

Dance scheme of work for P.E. lessons  


New dance scheme (dance plans and supporting material) to deliver high quality P.E. lessons

Teachers to become comfortable teaching Dance as part of the curriculum. Easy to follow plans and supporting material will help implement Dance effectively throughout the school.

Sports equipment


General sports equipment. Resources for the P.E. cupboard and the infant and junior playgrounds including:

·         Balls

·         Hoops

·         skipping ropes

·         Tag rugby belts

·         Bibs


          Bean bags


          Hockey balls

We can now include tag rugby as part of the `invasion` games we play in the P.E. curriculum.

We have increased the equipment available for our playground activity at lunch times.  This equipment will be stored appropriately so as to benefit the school in the longer term and will also be used during P.E. lessons

Water sports


Sailing and Kayaking for the year 6 children. This allows our children experience an activity they are not likely to have tried before.  It will help them to gain confidence in the water and for some, help them overcome a fear of it

This activity is for year 6 children only and none of the children have been before with the school.  If sustained in future years it will be with a different set of children



Specialised sport equipment


Specialized sports equipment consisting of target boards to be used in the infant playground which supports an active playtime

Increases the options available to the key stage 1 children at lunch times and improving provision for the longer term

Kids Fit Day


Kids Fit day for all classes promoting exercise, healthy habits and knowledge of our bodies in a fun way.  Delivered by an external company

There will be a different lesson focus from last year’s Kids Fit Day.  In future years this can be funded from the P.E. budget

Sports day trophies and medals


Trophies and medals for sports day 2018- making the event more meaningful and rewarding

Can be funded from the P.E. budget in future

Daily Mile track in the key stage 2 playground


Increases the activity levels of the children 

This is a long term benefit to the school and can be used by the whole school as well as future classes

Swimming lessons (over and above the national curriculum requirements)


To improve the swimming ability of the children using a range of strokes and ability to perform self rescue strategies 

This activity is in addition to the national curriculum requirement as deemed necessary to enhance the children`s life skills 

After school hockey club


After school hockey club run by a qualified coach from Everyone Active. This increases child activity participation and allows the children try a different sport

This is the first time the school has had an after school hockey club.  If run in future years it will be made available to different children/classes

Netball equipment


Netball posts and goals for a planned after school club allowing the children to sample a new sport

If run in future years it will be made available to different children/classes

The equipment can be used going forward as part of the P.E. curriculum

Badminton equipment


Badminton nets allowing the children to sample a new sport

The equipment can be used going forward as part of the P.E. curriculum

St. Josephs`s sports kit


School sports kit including jerseys, shorts and socks. This kit can be worn when the children are representing the school at tournaments, increasing pride in the school

This is a long term benefit to the school 

Mobile whiteboards


Whiteboards to be used as a visual aid in PE lessons.  For example to highlight the lesson objectives to the children

Help promote good practise in lessons by displaying LO/Success criteria during lessons.

Whistles and lanyards 


To aid staff during P.E. lessons and active playtimes.  When the whistle goes the children stop and listen making the lessons safer

This is a long term benefit that can be funded from the P.E. budget in future when necessary

Visit from pro athlete Ezekiel Ewulo


Ezekiel will talk about healthy lifestyle choices and overcoming barriers to achieve.  This can inspire our pupils.

Visits such as this can be funded from the P.E. budget in the future 


Total: £



 We believe this is the best way to spend the funding to ensure as many children as possible have the opportunity to engage in different physical activities and gain access to skilled coaches.   


Impact of PE and Sport Premium on St. Joseph`s RC Primary School

PE has improved greatly at St. Joseph`s since having the PE and Sport Premium. We now have access to ongoing Continuing Professional Development from LPESSN which enables all teachers to deliver high quality, targeted and structured lessons to every child here at St. Joseph`s whilst maintaining the sustainability of the provision.  The children have access to a wide range of resources and skilled teachers who instil a love of sport and activity from a young age.  The P.E. lessons are planned for each year group to ensure that they progress and learn skills appropriate to their age and ability.

The Sport Premium money has enabled us to offer more sporting opportunities and hence, sport participation in clubs has increased in recent years.  As a school we run clubs after school and also offer physical activity at lunchtimes.  Our aim is to have each child in the school participate in at least two hours of physical activity/education every week and also to make extra physical education available to every child who wants it through sports clubs and active playtime sessions.  

The difference the P.E. and Sport Premium funding has had on the pupils is highly visible in the number of clubs offered, the numbers attending clubs and also in the children`s achievements in competitive sport.   

The list of achievements in recent years includes:

St. Joseph`s Sports Roll of Honour


Southwark Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby runners up

Southwark Yr 5/6 Girls Tag rugby runners up 

Southwark Yr 5/6 Cricket runners up 


Yr 5/6 Tag Rugby Southwark Champions

Tag Rugby - Southwark Representatives in the London Games (15th place)

Yr 5/6 Cricket- Southwark finalists

Year 3/4 Tennis Tournament- Champions

Year 4 Football Tournament- Champions


Year 5/6 Tag rugby- Southwark Champions

Tag rugby- Southwark Representatives in London Games (9th place)

Year 5/6 Tag rugby-Southwark League runners up

Girls Cricket- Southwark Champions

Yr 5/6 Cricket- Bobby Abel Trophy winners

Year 5/6 Hockey- Southwark Champions

Year 1/2 Festival of Sports- Champions

Year 3/4 Athletics Festival- Runners up

Year 5/6 Football League - Runners up 


KS1 Athletics Festival of Sports – Champions

Yr3&4 Athletics Festival of Sports – Champions

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby – Burgess Park Cup and Southwark – Champions

Tag Rugby - Southwark Representatives in London Games (8th place)

Girls’ Cricket – Southwark Champions

Yrs 5&6 Cricket – Bobby Abel Trophy Winners

Cricket – Southwark Representatives in London Games (=17th place)


Southwark Tag Rugby – League Champions

Southwark Tag Rugby Cup – Champions

Tag rugby - London Games –– quarter finalists (5th place)

Tag rugby – Southwark Team of the Year Award

Cricket - Bobby Abel Trophy – Runners up

Football – Centenary Cup – Runners up


Cricket – Bobby Abel Trophy – Champions

Tag rugby – Southwark Cup – Champions


Tag Rugby – Southwark Cup – Champions


Tag Rugby – Southwark Cup – Runners up


Cricket – Bobby Abel Trophy - Champions

Children at St. Joseph`s school make outstanding progress in P.E.  We have a wide and diverse P.E. curriculum giving the children lots of different experiences within P.E. and sport and making it part of their enjoyable, healthy lifestyle.

We look at how well we use our Sport Premium to improve the quality and breath of P.E. and sporting provision, including increasing participation in P.E. and sport so all pupils develop healthy lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

Please have a look at the following document commissioned by the Department for Education titled `Evidencing the Impact of the Primary PE and Sport Premium`

This shows how the Sports Premium funding has impacted five key indicators, and what that spending means for the children and the school.




Some key points

  • £17,673 sports grant received for April 2018 to April 2019
  • £18,590.13 was the total spend.
  • The majority of children (from year 1 to 6) take part in at least one after school sports club.
  • While this section is about physical education and we understand the important role that plays in a healthy lifestyle we also acknowledge children will have interests in different areas. With this in mind we also run after school clubs in gardening (x2), art (x2), craft and a choir. 
  • We are justifiably proud of our children for their participation in physical education. And also for their exemplary sportsmanship and good behaviour at tournaments as well as the successful results achieved in recent years.
  • All of our children are given an opportunity to develop their physical education. We will continue to do our best to offer them as good and as wide a programme as we can provide.
  • All our after school clubs are provided free of charge to the children.
  • Our relationship with the London P.E. School Sport Network allows our staff to develop their Professional Development through team teaching, observations with subsequent feedback, advice and coaching.


Notes: The children from reception, year 1 and year 2 classes enjoy a particularly active playtime, which offers and encourages daily participation in a range of activities (focussing on balance, coordination, basic movements and participation in team games).  Children in key stage 2 can participate in table tennis at lunch time.  They also have opportunities to play basketball.  Some key stage 2 children support the key stage 1 children with their physical activities as lunch time monitors.

Year 6 children go on an annual one week trip to an adventure centre to partake in a wide range of physical activities as part of the P.E. curriculum (hence this is not paid for through the Sports Premium).

Children in classes from year 3 to year 6 attend swimming and self rescue classes in the local leisure centre. 

After School Sports Clubs Autumn Term 2018






Year 5/6

Cricket Club


Year 1/2

Tag Rugby Club


Year 5/6

Hockey Club


Year 2

Football Club


Year 5/6



Year 3/4

Dance Club


Year 1/2

Dance Club



Year 5/6

Dance Club




Participation figures as at Autumn '18

The following are the participation figures for sports clubs at St. Joseph`s from years 1 to 6 which are the classes that sports clubs are offered to (note the figures are for after school sports clubs only.  Clubs such as crafts, choir, art and gardening are not included in these figures.  Due to available resources and space not all years can be offered the same amount of sports clubs.  Year 1 for example have only dance available as an active club.  Years 5 and 6 have more sports clubs available to them as we feel this is the age where active participation will have a greater impact and lead to healthier life choices (as these children move towards secondary school and greater independence in their lifestyle choices).  Hence why the figures are higher for these classes. 

Figures correct as at October 2018

Year 1: 38%  (11/29)

Year 2: 75% (21/28)

Year 3: 33% (9/27)

Year 4: 38% (10/26)

Year 5: 96% (27/28)

Year 6: 88% (22/25)

Year 1 to year 6: 61% (99/163)

Key stage 2 only: 63% (67/106)



Our partners in the London PE and School Sport Network have kindly out together a local club list that you and your families may find useful.  It includes information on when, where and what the club is.  Some clubs may require you to investigate more on their own website or by contacting them directly.  This is not an exhaustive list of local clubs. 

There are clubs and activities on the list for a range of ages from adults to very young children.  We encourage all families to include physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. 

The following link takes you to the list: