St Joseph's Rotherhithe

Prayer Club

This page is updated by children in our Prayer Club. 


St Joseph's Prayer Club

 In St Joseph’s, every Monday at lunchtime, children from Years 1-6 meet up in the Bosco Room to pray and worship God with Ms Cardoso. Together we offer prayers to God in unity: as brothers and sisters, we comfort others, praise God, sing hymns, and pray as a family. We pray the Our Father or use our child-friendly prayer books where someone each week can choose to read from, or pray from the heart. The best part about it is when a new brother or sister joins our group! We welcome them with open arms and we encourage each other to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.                           

What have we been doing?

 Recently, we have been looking at our favourite Bible passages and why it speaks out to us. Kim in Yr5 has chosen Psalms 1-2 as they bring her joy thinking about love and care. Blessing in Yr6 has chosen the story where Jesus fed the 5000 as it reminds her of sharing and caring for everything and bringing others joy. It also reminds her to think of others and to be selfless. We are looking for people to join us - everyone is welcome! So come and join us and worship together!

What is it about?

 Our prayer club is about speaking your mind and participating in all activities. After all, one of the main CST (Catholic Social Teaching) principles is ‘Call to Family, Community and Participation’. Our school's prayer club is a very friendly place to be in, where we pray, love and there is always a spot open. We are always ready to welcome you! Our prayer club helps us follow our school motto by reminding us to follow Jesus’ footsteps and how He would want us to act. We grow and learn in the Footsteps of Jesus.