St Joseph's Rotherhithe

RE News

Our RE News is updated by our Faith Leaders. 

Diocesan Beginning of New School Year Mass at St George’s Cathedral

We Faith Leaders attended The Beginning of Year Mass at St. George’s Cathedral with Bishop Paul Hendricks. We went with Mrs McLoughlin, Miss Ropiak and Miss Fisher. We had such great time and we loved meeting Bishop Paul Hendricks. We were so happy to get a photograph with him. One Faith Leader was the candle bearer and she was so happy that she got to bring a blessed candle back to our school.    Beginning of Year Mass- September 2023 with Canon Victor Darlington and Fr TesfaMichael 

On Thursday 14th September, Canon Victor visited our school again to lead us in Mass.  It was so lovely to see him again and he told us that our behaviour is outstanding and he loves how we behave and respond in Mass. This made us very happy and our Headteacher was very proud of us. Our favourite part of the Mass was when he gave our Headteacher a Blessing from Pope Francis for her Wedding in August. Mrs McLoughlin was very shocked and she loved her present from Canon Victor. Thank you, Fr TesfaMichael and Canon Victor for coming to visit us and we cannot wait until next time! 








First Holy Communion Celebrations May 23! 

Some children made their First Holy Communion during the month of May. Mrs McLoughlin arranged for a Celebratory Breakfast for them. They shared a lovely breakfast with Mrs McLoughlin, Miss Fisher and Ms Ropiak. Well done to all the children who made their First Holy Communion. We pray for you on your Faith journey. 

Ascension Day Mass 18th May 23!

In St Josephs, we were privileged to have Father Tesfamichael lead our Ascension Mass. We also learned about the birthday of the church - Pentecost - and how it taught us and encouraged us to follow our lives’ mission, spreading the Good News everywhere just like the Apostles did. In addition, many children said they were inspired by the Apostles; they also wanted to show the Gospel in their daily lives as well. 


May is the month of Mary

As May represents the month of Mary, children across the schools were sent homework on activities to complete, showing their dedication and honour to our Holy Mother. Many beautiful pieces of work were handed in and we would like to give a big thanks to both parents and teachers who assisted the children in their tasks. The products were beautiful and will be posted on the school website at a later date.



Wednesday visits from Fr. TesfaMichael

As a school, we are privileged to have Father TesfaMichael visiting our school every Wednesday. During these times, Father TesfaMichael spends time in each of our classes, telling us all about God’s Word and teaching us how we can live it out in our daily lives. In addition to this, Father occasionally leads us in Masses which inspire St Joseph’s children to 'Grow and Learn in the Footsteps of Jesus'. He also spends this time playing with the Nursery children, supporting them as they grow in our Catholic faith. We are very grateful to Father TesfaMichael for this opportunity and pray that God may bless him as he continues his priesthood and our school community.



Written by Iniemem


Year 5 Joyous Easter Assembly- April 23

The year 5 children led the whole school in the Easter celebration assembly. The assembly thought us about the resurrection of Jesus and how important it is. In the assembly, Jesus’ disciples and some soldiers returned to the tomb to find that Jesus’ body had been gone. Through the assembly, we learnt the true meaning of Easter.
The children gave a wonderful performance! 


Written by Mason and Frankie



St. Joseph's Feast Day Celebration!

Yesterday, Tuesday 21st March 23,  we were very blessed as Canon Victor Darlington came to visit us for a second time to celebrate our school's patron saint, St. Joseph.  The Faith Leaders, alongside Canon Victor and Fr TesfaMichael shared a beautiful Mass with our school family. We loved having Canon Victor in our school and he told us our school is very special! Thank you to Canon Victor, Fr TesfaMichael and our parents for celebrating with us. 


Written by Elizabeth