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Seeking reconciliation—or atonement? - Montreal Dio

Annually, as part of our spiritual preparation for Easter and Christmas children in Years 3-6 are invited to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This special tradition encourages them to reflect on their actions, grow spiritually, and deepen their connection with God.

We're very thankful to Fr TesfaMichael for leading this important part of our spiritual journey.

Reconciliation Pamphlet

Reconciliation stands as a pivotal sacrament within the Church, holding a profound significance in the spiritual journey of believers.

As one of the seven Sacraments, it holds a unique place among the sacraments of healing, alongside the Sacrament of the Sick.

Through Reconciliation, we receive God's precious gift of forgiveness, feeling His kindness, healing, and a reconnection with the Church.

In this sacrament, given to us by Jesus himself, children have the chance to admit their mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and renew their bond with our caring Father.

When approached with genuine remorse, children can find comfort in God's endless forgiveness, bringing them back to His love and compassion.