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At St Joseph’s, our vision is to provide a science curriculum which enables our students to explore and question the world around them. The confidence they have in such skills will allow them to develop and enrich their understanding of the world in which we live. The exciting, hands-on experiences provided by our school will encourage their curiosity and enthusiasm, while our focus on mathematical rigour and vocabulary will enable them to test and explain a range of scientific phenomena. Science doesn’t just take place in the classroom, environments such as our allotment allow the children an essential aspect of practical learning. Where our topics make links with science subjects, we can allow children to see just how deeply scientific knowledge and advancement are woven in to all aspects of life. These skills will be vital assets that equip the children for an ever-evolving world, and these opportunities will ensure our students are life-long learners.

  • To ensure that planning across the school is in line with the new curriculum and Cornerstones is used to help formulate planning where appropriate.
  • Planning sequences are robust and there is a sensible flow of ideas, allowing for children to demonstrate their progression in skills and knowledge as the topic advances.
  • Tasks are challenging across a range of abilities and there is written evidence (i.e. prediction, method or conclusion for experiments) in children’s books of practical experimental write ups with evidence of Maths links.
  • Vocabulary teaching is embedded in every lesson to aid access to scientific concepts
  • Science diaries should be used effectively and in addition to children’s work in books to illustrate more concrete methods of exploring scientific concepts.


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